5 Rhythms Workshop

“It has been a few days now, since Anne-Marie Hogya (5Rhythms Teacher) and I co-facilitated our first workshop together. While I could talk about a variety of external things that might justify it’s success and efficacy, in keeping  with the deep teachings of our practice, the best thing I can say about the process was that it “felt” really amazing while we were doing it.

As we are part of a co-created experience, this felt-sense of positivity was a reflection of the bigger group  experience. Of course watching people move, dance, smile, engage with each other and support each other’s
process also validated my perception of the workshop.

I was especially pleased to notice the impulse and spontaneity that arose in our facilitation. I feel like we were able to model and embody what we were trying to evoke in others – the ability to move our “wisdom into action” in a safe, contained, playful yet meaningful process of exploration and self-discovery.

My heart was warmed in the witnessing of seeing grounded, resourced and courageous participants engage with and playfully challenge the entities in their lives that try and stifle their healthy life impulses. Watching the smiles and movement, listening to the playful laughter and feeling the shift in the room when we did the “zombie” exercise (curious about this – ask me about it) confirmed that we were keeping the process safe and offering a new possibility in facing challenges.

I feel empowered and emboldened after facilitating this workshop with Anne-Maire. I feel so strongly and passionately about 5Rhythms Movement Psychotherapy and Dance and being part of this workshop has reinforced my deeply-felt truth about the efficacy, sustainability and powerful shifts that occur from them.

I look forward to hearing feedback from any of the participants or anyone who is curious/intrigued by this post.

Jim 🙂

Category : 5Rhythms Posted on May 12, 2009

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