Coping With Grief Through Movement Therapy

When you have lost an important person in your life – your spouse, a parent, a child or a friend – it can be traumatic and is more debilitating to some than to others. Even the loss of a pet can be difficult for those who have no children or spouse as they have focused their love and attention on this pet like they would a child.

Grief can also be experienced when you go through a divorce, lose your home or are seriously betrayed by someone – say a boyfriend leaves you for someone else or you are robbed or suffer a serious accident. Any of these can be life-changing events that cause you to go through a period of grief and readjustment learning to live with whatever the life changing event was to cause your grief.

With the use of movement therapy many people can connect with dance or music or other artistic expressions as their way of coping with their loss or their grief that has left a huge hole in their heart and in their lives. With support groups or individual therapy you can experience how to transform your grief into a positive by allowing you to heal and work through your pain.

You experience many feeling with grief – disbelief, sadness, anger, insecurity, among others – all of which can cause you to have an inability to focus on day to day activities let alone long-term goals. You can experience difficulty sleeping or lose your appetite and for many people they too want to stop living. Many of these are also signs of depression which can easily develop into a long-term pattern if you don’t take steps to deal effectively with your loss.

Movement psychotherapy allows you the freedom to spill out your feelings in a safe environment making you start to look at the world as a place that you can start liking again.

Category : Movement Psychotherapy Posted on April 14, 2009

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