Managing Pain with Movement Psychotherapy

People who experience chronic pain have usually tried many methods to reduce its debilitating effects and just make it go away. But sometimes the simplest thing like dancing can be used to aid in reducing pain and giving relief even for awhile.

Often pain is linked to stress and other factors that are controlling someone’s life making it difficult to address because without reducing the stress it is harder to reduce the pain. Many times pain takes over as the controlling force in their lives as everything they do is touched by it or influenced by it.

So what can be done? Dancing? Seems a little silly doesn’t it? Well dancing can help or some form of movement that gets your body to relax properly will undoubtedly help. If the individual focuses on the proper alignment of the muscles and how to relax those muscles they become more aware of their body and how it works.

With discussion and movement that explores what happens when they feel the pain and what they consciously feel – and what they also unconsciously feel – the person will be more in tune with what is causing the pain and better able to deal with it. The trick is to find a way for the individual to control the pain rather than the pain controlling their life. Easier said than done – but most chronic pain sufferers will try anything to find some well-deserved relief.

Learning to expand the range of movement they can experience in different ways and to feel that they are able to affect a positive change thereby giving them a reprieve from the chronic pain they have experienced for so long is a liberating feeling. It is also one which gives them the impetus to continue to expand and grow with their movement psychotherapy to continually reduce the pain and will provide them the opportunity to take their life back again.

Category : Movement Psychotherapy Posted on May 17, 2009

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