Movement Psychotherapy


Movement psychotherapy is a therapeutic and innovative approach for counsellors that integrates psychotherapy and counselling with expressive authentic and healing movement, breath-work, body and sensory awareness and imagery.
It is a process that helps guide you to the creative and healing instincts available within yourself. Movement psychotherapy opens doors to personal growth, healing and change. It is a transformational process for emotional release, psychological integration, spiritual wellness, and fostering a healthy connection to your body, heart, mind and spirit.

The ultimate goal is to help you take what you learn in Movement Psychotherapy into your daily life, so that you can develop a more loving relationship with yourself and others, build a richer and more satisfying life, and achieve a greater sense of wholeness.

Movement Psychotherapy can help you:

Substance Misuse/Addiction
Career/Life Transitions
Grief and Loss
Emotion Management (Anger/Violence)
Pain Management
Body Acceptance Issues
Positive Psychology/Personal Growth
Spiritual Development
Stress, Burnout, Vicarious Trauma or Secondary Trauma
PTSD, Childhood Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse

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