Movement Therapy Can Make That Career Change Possible

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same job that you have done forever and will never be able to do something that you really enjoy? Are you unhappy with your job but are afraid to venture out on a new and unfamiliar path? Have you lost your job and are scared to look for anything else but what you already know? Any of these questions might be what you are thinking – but you can get help to make that scary career change that will brighten your future and feeling better.

Movement therapy uses dance and other movements to express clearly your feelings and emotions so that you can release pent up feelings of failure or low self-esteem that have haunted you your entire life. It is a liberating way to unleash those imbalances in our lives that tend to bring us down or hold us back from trying different paths.

Individual sessions can work wonders to establish the reasons that you are feeling like you can’t get ahead or lack the initiative to venture out do interior design or launch your own business because you are afraid of failure or don’t think that you will succeed. Well – you probably won’t if you don’t think you will even before you start!

With movement therapy uses creative expression to explore the reasons for your lack of self-esteem or perceived inadequacies that have held you back. Often these feelings have not only affected your job but your family, marriage and other personal relationships as well. Learning why you have these feelings and then working towards finding a solution or overcoming your fears is what movement therapy is all about. It will also allow you to develop the techniques and skills necessary so that you can withstand failures even if you do attempt a new job – but it will show you that it was not likely your fault – perhaps it was just bad timing.

Category : 5Rhythms &Movement Psychotherapy Posted on May 19, 2009

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