Surviving Your Relationship Breakup With Counselling

When a relationship starts to fail – whether it is a marriage, friendship or any relationship – we often feel shame and guilt and blame ourselves for letting it fail. And although it takes two to make a relationship and to keep it going we sometimes are blindsided by our emotions and feelings so that we don’t see the signs of deterioration until it is too late – and the relationship is broken.

The breakup of a marriage or relationship of any kind makes it difficult to trust others again or worse yet we are often attracted to the same type of person that we just broke up with and who obviously wasn’t good for you! If you find that you have lots of feelings of negativity and irritability and don’t feel confident that you can meet anyone that will be right for you might want to think of trying movement psychotherapy with a registered clinical counsellor.

This unique counselling approach to coping with a divorce or other relationship breakup will look at the patterns of our lives and how we are drawn to the same type of individual over and over again – mostly with negative results – because of our belief system that controls our lives. Often we can work out these negative feelings of poor self-esteem and an unwillingness to like ourselves by changing those patterns and pointing them in another direction with movement, music and other desensitization techniques.

Group or individual counselling sessions can deal with the reasons that made your relationship fail – poor communication, anger or intimacy issues – whatever the reason you can refocus your patterns to a new direction that will allow you to enter a more satisfying and mutually beneficial relationship instead of getting into the same type that you have been drawn to over and over again – with poor results.

Jim Kragtwyk

Registered Clinical Counsellor – RCC

Certified Addiction Counsellor – ICADC

Victoria BC Counsellors

Category : 5Rhythms &Movement Psychotherapy Posted on May 22, 2009

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